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Natural Beauty Of Lilies

₹ 2,400 ₹ 2,949
15 Hot Pink Roses8 Oriental Pink LiliesPink RibbonPink Paper packing..
30% OFF

White Garlands

₹ 980 ₹ 1,399
Bunch of 6 White Lilies   White Paper packingWhite Ribbon..
12% OFF

Pink Oriental Lilies

₹ 1,580 ₹ 1,799
6 Pink Oriental Lilies  Pink RibbonPink Paper packing..
42% OFF

Emotion Explosion

₹ 1,080 ₹ 1,849
Emotion Explosion10 purple orchidsGlass Vase..
-13% OFF

Sunshine Yellow Lilies

₹ 1,530 ₹ 1,349
10 Yellow LiliesGlass Vase..
4% OFF

Romantic Heart Shape Arrangement

₹ 2,300 ₹ 2,399
Romantic Heart Shape Arrangement - 75 Red Roses Heart Shaped Arrangement..
14% OFF

Amazing Blossom

₹ 12,930 ₹ 14,999
15% OFF

Fair Love

₹ 1,780 ₹ 2,099
Order these 50 multicolor roses wrapped elegantly in red and white paper packing and adorned with a ribbon bow. It is a beautiful bouquet of red, white and yellow roses epitomizing love, peace and friendship. You can without any doubt present the bouquet on any occasion be it an anniversary, valentine’s day, birthday, rose day and many more occasio..
34% OFF

Premium combo

₹ 2,740 ₹ 4,159
Let your loved ones enjoy and cherish the special days or occasions with some extra special gift from Flowersnplants. Celebrate any of the occasion in a wonderful way by presenting this delightful combo. It includes a bouquet of 50 mixed roses along with ferrero rocher and 2 Cadbury dairy milk silk chocolate. The mixed roses are wrapped in red and ..
18% OFF

Exotic yellow Roses

₹ 1,680 ₹ 2,049
It is a heart-warming bouquet of 50 yellow roses with vibrant greenery wrapped in yellow paper packing and adorned with a ribbon bow. The bouquet will surely give more pleasant feel to the receiver. It is an ideal presentation for someone towards whom you want to express heart-melting feelings, these yellow roses carry that message undoubtedly...
20% OFF

Romantic Surprise

₹ 1,680 ₹ 2,099
This bouquet clipping 50 mixed roses well-adjusted is a perfect epitome of your love and care. You can gift this bouquet to your loved ones. 50 mixed roses are wrapped in red paper packing and tied with a ribbon bow. Roses have the power to express those unsaid words. It’s a perfect bliss of happiness for every occasion...
1% OFF

Joyful Delight

₹ 2,930 ₹ 2,949
This bouquet clipping 100 roses well-adjusted is a perfect epitome of your love and care. You can gift this bouquet to your loved ones. 100  roses are wrapped in yellow paper packing and tied with a ribbon bow. Roses have the power to express those unsaid words. It’s a perfect bliss of happiness for every occasion...
20% OFF

Sweet Love Rose

₹ 1,680 ₹ 2,099
A bouquet of red roses is the best gift that can be given if you want to refresh your personal life. No matter what the day is, red roses are preferable for every single second of life. Since red roses are the epitome of love one can offer this bouquet to their loved ones. Roses are a natural gift, and they are so appealing to win the hearts of you..
14% OFF

Special Red Roses Bouquet

₹ 1,680 ₹ 1,944
The luscious brush strokes of these 50 Red roses packed in Red paper packing with a ribbon bow would make anyone fall for your love. The warm colors of these masterpieces would be a pleasing experience for the receiver and would prove that you would love your dear ones till the seas went dry. This romantic gesture would have your loved ones falling..
16% OFF

Red Roses In Blue Packing

₹ 1,630 ₹ 1,949
If you are looking for a gift that will convey your feelings perfectly then this is the best choice. It is a bunch of 50 red roses wrapped expertly in blue paper packing and tied with a ribbon bow. If you want to surprise your loved ones then you can gift this bouquet by ordering it. This bouquet is suitable for birthday, anniversary, date night, s..
42% OFF

Love Expression

₹ 1,180 ₹ 2,049
This awesome bunch of Yellow roses is a surprising sight. The fresh flowers make the surroundings bright and radiate a lot of powerful energy to cheer up anyone. This is an awesome gift for someone who deserves a heads up. This is an apt surprise for your loved one for any occasion...
-31% OFF

Royal Floral Vase

₹ 1,310 ₹ 999
This royal floral vase arrangement of purple orchids, white Asiatic lilies, and white carnations, decorated with dracaena leaves and green fillers in a cylinder glass vase is perfect for all occasions. You can buy it online from Flowers N Plants to send as a birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones...
21% OFF

Heart Shape Love

₹ 1,749 ₹ 2,200
Heart Shaped Arrangement of 30 red rosesFerrero Rocher Chocolate (16 Pcs)..
28% OFF

Endless Love

₹ 3,599 ₹ 4,999
Wonderful arrangement of 100 Red roses and a delicious chocolate cake is perfect for endless love. ..
-1% OFF

100 Roses

₹ 2,880 ₹ 2,850
100 Red Roses BouquetPaper packing..
30% OFF

Magical Love

₹ 1,680 ₹ 2,399
50 Mix Colored RosesBasket Arrangement..
37% OFF

Pink Perfection

₹ 1,999 ₹ 3,149
15 Pink Roses6 Oriental Pink LiliesPink paper & Pink Bow..
-18% OFF

Yellow Asiatic Lilies

₹ 1,180 ₹ 999
Beautiful sunshine yellow Asiatic lilies are just the flower to welcome any occasion. These lovely 8 yellow lilies will add sunshine to any room when placed in a glass vase...
-11% OFF

Exotic Beauty

₹ 1,880 ₹ 1,699
Exotic beauty - Arrangement of Pink Oriental Lilies and Red Carnations are perfect for every occasions Birthday, Anniversary and House Warming...
33% OFF

Premium Floral Basket

₹ 1,099 ₹ 1,649
Floral Basket of 4 Pink Asiatic Lilies, 10 White Carnations, and 2 Blue Orchids..
33% OFF

Personalized Floral Arrangement

₹ 1,349 ₹ 1,999
20 Red Rose20 Yellow Carnationseasonal leaves..
-18% OFF

Fall in Love

₹ 4,130 ₹ 3,499
150 Red Roses BouquetRed Paper packing..
-10% OFF

Orchid Clouds

₹ 3,180 ₹ 2,900
This beautiful arrangement of 50 purple & blue Orchids will convey heartfelt feelings to your dear ones. Orchids are arranged in basket and bamboo sticks with approximate height 2-3 ft. You can buy it online from Flowers N Plants and send anywhere in India...
4% OFF

My Heart

₹ 1,300 ₹ 1,349
35 Pink and Red Roses Arrangement in Heart Shape..
-19% OFF

Heart Roses N Ferrero Rocher

₹ 1,430 ₹ 1,199
Heart Roses N Ferrero Rocher - Heart Shaped 18 Red Roses with 16 Pieces Ferrero Rocher..
30% OFF

Pink and Pretty

₹ 1,430 ₹ 2,045
5 Oriental Lilies (Pink & White)Long Square Glass Vase ..
16% OFF

Forever Romance Bouquet

₹ 1,199 ₹ 1,425
4 Oriental Lilies (Pink and Yellow)Double Layer Paper Packing..
-3% OFF

Premium 100 Roses

₹ 2,880 ₹ 2,799
100 Red RosesPaper Packing..
-3% OFF

Twin Heart Arrangement

₹ 1,430 ₹ 1,395
A Basket Arrangement of 40 Red Roses..
13% OFF

Stunning Beauty Bouquet

₹ 1,130 ₹ 1,295
4 Asiatic Pink Lilies12 Red RosesGlass Vase- 4 x 6..
25% OFF

Sunny Bouquet

₹ 1,380 ₹ 1,849
10 Yellow LiliesYellow Paper PackingYellow Ribbon..
-6% OFF

Roses with celebration Box

₹ 850 ₹ 799
Fresh and beautifully arranged red roses in an elegant bouquet along with big Cadbury celebrations is surely help you to create beautiful memories with your love. So, buy it now!..
19% OFF

Beautiful Heart

₹ 2,880 ₹ 3,549
Make your beloved feel extra special on every occasion with this heart-shaped floral arrangement. These multicolored flowers will win melt the heart of your beloved one with their look. ..
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