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Blooms Basket Arrangement

₹ 699
A gorgeous handcrafted basket of lilies and orchids is the best way to surprise your dear one. Send this beautiful basket arrangement of 6 purple orchids and 2 while Asiatic lilies to special someone to make their day...


₹ 875
This mixed flower basket arrangement is perfect for just any occasion. An exquisite basket arrangement of 6 purple Orchids, 5 Red Roses and 3 yellow Asiatic lilies & lot of seasonal green fillers is a perfect way to show your love...

Marvelous Orchids

₹ 399
Be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other celebration, these purple orchids will add infuse happiness all around it. This beautiful Marvelous Orchids bouquets of 6 purple Orchids tied with a pink ribbon is sure to make any heart grow fonder...

Elegant Purple Orchids

₹ 449
This bouquet of 6 Purple Orchids is the best choice for the birthday so, don't wait to send this beautiful bouquet on his birthday...

Ravishing Mixed Flowers

₹ 699
A flower basket arrangement should be something like that can bring a smile on his/her face when presented on their special day. This flower basket contains 6 Purple Orchids, 6 Pink Carnations and 6 Red Roses in a Basket...

Orchids N Lilies

₹ 975
A beautiful flower bouquet that can make anyone happy and ecstatic. The beauty and elegance of the Purple Orchids mixed with Pink Asiatic Lilies with seasonal greens and fillers in a beautiful pink paper packing. You can send these flowers for a birthday, anniversary, Mother's day, Valentine's day, Woman's day...

Royal Floral Vase

₹ 999
This royal floral vase arrangement of purple orchids, white Asiatic lilies, and white carnations, decorated with dracaena leaves and green fillers in a cylinder glass vase is perfect for all occasions. You can buy it online from Flowers N Plants to send as a birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones...

Orchids Fascination

₹ 549
6 Purple Orchids Bouquet in jute packing..

The Pure Passion

₹ 599
A Perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration to send a congratulatory, miss you or thank you for the message. This beautiful arrangement of 12 Pink Roses and 4 Purple Orchids in a beautiful glass vase is just the right gift for that special someone in your life who likes nothing but the best...
43% OFF

Orchids N Rocher

₹ 1,149 ₹ 1,999
Flowers and chocolates are like the classic couple whose magic spreads over time and distance. It's a perfect gift for anyone you adore...

Purple Aura

₹ 649
10 Purple Orchids Bouquet in Blue paper packing...

Purple Elegance

₹ 599
This purple elegant bunch of beautiful purple orchids wrapped in cellophane packing and tied with a pink ribbon is a perfect gift for all occasions...

Purple Aura In Vase

₹ 775
These purple orchid flowers are bound to make anyone feel important. So, show your love with this floral arrangement of 15 Orchid stems. Send this gift to your loved ones and see how it increases passion in your life...
40% OFF

Sweet Love

₹ 1,349 ₹ 2,249
Basket arrangement of 6 purple orchids and 20 pink roses along with half kg Chocolate Truffle Cake...

Purple Orchids

₹ 549
10 Purple Orchids Bunch in Paper Wrapping..

Brightly Blossoms

₹ 675
This brightly blossom flower basket will spread love and affection through orchids and lilies. A nice basket arrangement of 6 purple orchids and 2 yellow Asiatic lilies & lot of seasonal green fillers is a perfect way to show your love...
30% OFF

Amazing Emotions

₹ 699 ₹ 999
5 Red Roses4 Purple Orchids1 Square Glass Vase 4 x 4Blue Paper & Bow..
31% OFF

Beauty Quotient

₹ 995 ₹ 1,445
4 Purple Orchids4 Pink Asiatic Lilies5 CarnationsPink paper packing..
37% OFF

Beauty Brilliance

₹ 1,199 ₹ 1,899
12 Pink Roses12 Purple Orchids1 Cylindrical Glass Vase 4 x 6 inchesGreen Fillers..
35% OFF

Awesome Orchids N Roses

₹ 749 ₹ 1,145
6 Purple Orchids12 White RosesBlue Paper Packing & White Raffia..
33% OFF

Premium Floral Basket

₹ 1,099 ₹ 1,649
Floral Basket of 4 Pink Asiatic Lilies, 10 White Carnations, and 2 Blue Orchids..
35% OFF

For Special Moments

₹ 845 ₹ 1,295
4 Blue Orchids4 Asiatic Lilies (Yellow and Pink)Yellow Paper Packing..

Magical Wish

₹ 999
This beautiful arrangement will convey your feelings to your sweatheart. It contains 14 pink and 3 white roses and, 10 beautiful purple orchids and arranged beautifully on handle basket...
43% OFF

Long Lasting Love

₹ 745 ₹ 1,299
6 Blue Orchids12 Pink RosesPink Paper packing..
37% OFF

Flower Aura

₹ 599 ₹ 945
6 Purple OrchidsPink and White Paper Packing..

Orchid Clouds

₹ 2,900
This beautiful arrangement of 50 purple & blue Orchids will convey heartfelt feelings to your dear ones. Orchids are arranged in basket and bamboo sticks with approximate height 2-3 ft. You can buy it online from Flowers N Plants and send anywhere in India...
25% OFF

Floating Heart

₹ 599 ₹ 799
6 Purple OrchidsJute Packing..
28% OFF

Orchid Bonanza

₹ 1,295 ₹ 1,795
15 Assorted Orchids (White, Blue, Purple)White paper packing..
39% OFF

Fantastic Orchids Arrangement

₹ 849 ₹ 1,399
12 Purple Orchids1 Glass Vase 5 InchesDracaena Leaves..
13% OFF

Wondrous Bouquet

₹ 699 ₹ 799
6 Purple orchids 5 White Carnations Jute Packing..
27% OFF

Pink and Pretty

₹ 1,499 ₹ 2,045
5 Oriental Lilies (Pink & White)Long Square Glass Vase ..
37% OFF

Purple Exotic Breeze

₹ 745 ₹ 1,175
10 Purple OrchidsOff White Packing PaperPink Ribbon..
36% OFF

Royal Elegance

₹ 545 ₹ 845
6 Blue OrchidsArica Palm LeavesBlue Paper Packing..

Orchid Breeze

₹ 825
Orchids are the beautiful flowers that convey your emotions in the most pleasant manner. This bouquet of 12 purple orchids wrapped beautifully in double layer pink paper packing and tied with a lovely pink net...

Orchid In Vase

₹ 525
Gift these beautiful purple Orchids to your dear ones and make their day memorable and special. The purple orchids are loosely placed in a glass vase with green fillers and floral foam to make it fresh and healthy...

Purple Beauty

₹ 649
8 Purple Orchids in a Glass Vase..
29% OFF

Purple Exotic Orchids

₹ 499 ₹ 699
6 Purple OrchidsCellophane packing..
12% OFF

White Orchids

₹ 699 ₹ 795
6 White OrchidsWhite Paper Packing..

Emotion Explosion

₹ 1,849
Emotion ExplosionGlass Vase..
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